An Evening with The Clark Sisters – Tickets – College Street Music Hall – New Haven, CT – April 14th, 2023

An Evening with The Clark Sisters
Yale Institute of Sacred Music presents:

The Clark Sisters

College Street Music HallNew HavenCT
All Ages

This event is fully reserved seated on the Floor, and Balcony


Audience members must be fully vaccinated and up to date with boosters. Audience Members must carry vaccination and booster documentation and be prepared to provide it if asked. Audience members will also be required to wear a mask during the performance.

Join us for an evening with the legendary Clark Sisters, a group that has been on the vanguard of gospel music for more than half a century! Come be lifted by their distinctive combination of fiery vocals, spiritual fervor, and sonic innovation. In addition to the Clark Sisters set, the concert will also feature an organ solo from Elbernita “Twinkie” Clark, and a performance with a community choir composed of singers from New Haven and surrounding areas.


The Clark Sisters are an American gospel vocal group consisting of four sisters: Jacky Clark Chisholm , Elbernita "Twinkie" Clark-Terrell , Dorinda Clark-Cole, and Karen Clark Sheard. The Clark Sisters are the daughters of gospel musician and choral director Mattie Moss Clark. They are credited for helping to bring gospel music to the mainstream and are considered as pioneers of contemporary gospel. Their biggest crossover hits include: "Is My Living in Vain?", "Hallelujah", "He Gave Me Nothing to Lose", "Endow Me", their hit song "Jesus Is A Love Song", "Pure Gold", "Expect a Miracle", and their largest mainstream crossover gold certified, "You Brought the Sunshine".

The Clark Sisters are renowned for their vocal stylings, dubbed as "The Clark Sound." They incorporate high and fast melismas, acrobatic trills and riffs, and deep, soulful growls, or "squalls". The sisters are also known for the individual distinctive sounds that they contribute. Jacky (contralto) is known for her soft, smooth, deeper vocals. Dorinda (mezzo-soprano), the "jazzy" sister, inputs scats and riffs. Uses her piercing soprano vocals that can be cleary heard on early tracks. Also known for her runs and high melismas. Karen (soprano) is known for her unique riffs, runs, growls, scats, very vast vocal range, ability to belt whilst in the whistle range, and has also been known to implement an "echo" in her live performances. Twinkie is known for her complex runs, riffs, powerful mixed-voice belts, soulful squalls and deep growls. Twinkie (Soprano/Mezzo-Soprano/Alto/ Contralto/Tenor/Baritone) is credited with being the "heart of the Clark Sisters." Early in the group's development, Twinkie was the chief songwriter, music and vocal arranger, producer, and also possessing a wide vocal range from soprano to a low baritone.

The Clark Sisters have won three Grammy Awards. With 16 albums to their credit and millions in sales, the Clark Sisters are the highest-selling female gospel group in history.

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College Street Music Hall
238 College Street

New Haven, CT, 06510

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